Project image for Duotrigordle


Play 32 wordles simultaneously!

Project image for The Resistance

The Resistance

An online implementation of The Resistance / Avalon board games. Supports live multiplayer gameplay for up to 10 players.

Project image for MTG Proxy Maker

MTG Proxy Maker

Generate printable Magic the Gathering proxy cards.

Project image for Metronome


A minimal metronome app with fluid controls on desktop and mobile.

Project image for Personal Homepage

Personal Homepage

You're looking at it right now.


Project image for Tetris AI

Tetris AI

A Tetris game model and AI written in Rust. Features include DFS bot with tree pruning, perfect clears, 4-wide, gui visualization (some WIP).

Project image for Chess Bot

Chess Bot

Waterloo CS 246 final project. Implements a chess model, bot with 4-move depth, X11 GUI, and python test suite.

Project image for Bryan Compiler Collection (bcc)

Bryan Compiler Collection (bcc)

A C compiler written in Rust. Includes a basic C lexer, parser, and code gen (WIP).

Project image for Solarfish


A git-aware two-line fish shell theme.

Project image for docker-httpd


A simple http server docker image.


Project image for COVID-Trust


A COVID screening & contact tracing app, submitted to SigmaHacks 2020.

Project image for Hot Spot

Hot Spot

A COVID outbreak hot-spot map, won 4 prizes at GarudaHacks 2020.

Project image for UTinder


A suite of tools to help CS students get a date, submitted to Hack the North 2021.

Project image for Wise Fridge

Wise Fridge

A smart fridge that promotes food sustainability. Submitted to GarudaHacks 2021.

Project image for Wellness Bot

Wellness Bot

A discord bot that detects and helps treat poor mental health. Submitted to Explore Hacks 2021.